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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Day 346: A Great Audience

Today's Reading: Acts 24-26

In this day of social networking, a message can get sent across the world very quickly. A man decides his congregation will burn the Koran and the ears of the president hear about it in less than 12 hours! WiKiLeaks can change major companies' policies by invading their systems.

Without all this technology, God places Paul right smack dab in front of the rulers of the land. We wondered, "Where is God?" as we see Paul getting beat up and slandered; but we begin to see the wisdom of God's action as Paul gets placed in the middle of the highest courtroom to speak to a great audience.

Isn't it amazing...the most articulate student of the law, the brainchild of the Pharisees, one who has sat in the seat of condemnation, now speaks with calm, intelligence and wisdom to the highest ruler of the land. And what does he say?

He tells the story of the prophets and the law. He shares their history. He proclaims the promises of God fulfilled. He gives his own testimony. He proclaims Jesus as the Christ with accuracy, fervor and passion. His testimony is sound.

What was God doing? God was orchestrating a wonderful concert for the ears of the rulers! The sweetest music they could hear was the music of the possibility for their own salvation. God does not discriminate against rich or poor, Jew or Gentile.

God will not quit until everyone has the opportunity to hear the Good News and accept it.

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