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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Day 333: Disrespecting the giver

Today's Reading: 1 Corinthians 5-8

With Christmas right around the corner, I think about the time and effort put into buying or making the perfect gift for the ones I love.

I can't help but remember an incredible sweater my mother made as a gift. She spent hours knitting it. Along the bottom of the edge were little trucks and cars. It was so sweet.

Now imagine throwing such a precious gift on the floor where the dog could get a hold of it and chew it up. What a horror that would be! So ungrateful and disrespectful of not only the gift but the giver!

Yesterday, as I pulled out of the grocery store, I saw three young men walking down the street dropping their trash along the way. If this wasn't bad enough, they were laughing about it. I wanted to pull over and with my Big Momma voice yell at them to pick it up.

God gives us incredible gifts and we seem to disrepect them. We are not only given creation in all its beauty, but each other. God has also given us the gift of love making, probably one of the most intense and pleasurable physical experiences. But why do we take this gift and trash it? And then, even laugh or brag about the it.

I'm sure God grieves over this. God might want to get on the Big Momma voice, but in reality, I think he picks up the ripped up sweater of a person and weeps.

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