"We must trust, though we seem alone, there are others walking with us."

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Day 268: Good Work

Today's Reading: Nehemiah 1-5

Called out, he was,
from servant's role
of waiting table
and serving wine,
to wait upon
the LORD himself
to tend the vineyard
of souls,
who in the wine press
of sacred stress
built up the temple
which still today
gives poured out wine
to thirsty ones
who come when called
to dinner.

Confessing true,
this man of God
becomes a priest
who intercedes
and speaks the cries
unspoken previously
due to pride
or sorrow
or hopeless veil of doubt.
"I confess
for all of us--
We all have
acted wickedly
and nought obeyed
your precious laws.
Forgive, O LORD, forgive."

Construction now
begins with all
assisting at
their part of wall.
Clearing rubble
mixing clay
stomping mortar
chopping clay
Finding each
within their homes
treasures borne
by shared labor
by eager joy
of hope reborn.
Protection grows
with community.

Courage brave
is needed, for
the mockers storm
upon the doors.
The raiders come
at night to sack
and topple work
of previous day.
So with a sword
in hand called "Left"
and in the "Right"
the mortar's tool
Or by joint venture
one stands erect
with sword while friend
bends back to build.

Commendable this
good work borne
not only of strong
back and hand
but a new strength
of neighbor bonds.
At first, working
only at one's gate,
now band together
in common task,
each one making up
for the other's lack.
Guarding and bending
'til task is done.
A wall is built.
The boundary drawn

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