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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Day 256: Oh no, you can't take that away from me!

Today's Reading: Daniel 1-3

Imagine this.

You are in your middle school years. You are bright, beautiful and of royal birth. And suddenly, you are taken away by the enemy of the land, unable to be around your parents, teachers, pastors or other mentors.

Your captors tell you you are no longer allowed to speak your native tongue. They change your name, your birthright, trying to rob your identity. They demand that you worship other gods and they insist you eat different foods.

You are scared out of your wits!

They hold swords and shields. You wear only a tunic.

They are older and stronger than you.

They are the new masters and you are the slave.

Would you have the gall, the courage, the chutzpah to defy them at risk to your own life?

Many of us shy away from people who disagree even mildly from us. We are embarrassed at times to speak up for what we know is truth because we are afraid we will be looked down upon.

Could we, at risk of life, defy an evil power right in our face?

Daniel did.

Daniel resolved that he would not defile himself.

You can remove me from all that is familiar.
You can try to change everything I know which defines me.

But you can't take my LORD and my God who defines me away from me.
I refuse!

Man! I love Daniel. With the passion of a lover and the boldness of a warrior, he stands true.

Dear LORD,
Give me the courage and the resolve of Daniel.
I thank you that you have promised that nothing can remove me from the palm of your hand.

Do not allow me to let people take anything of you
away from me!

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