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Monday, September 6, 2010

Day 247: Intelligence, Wealth, Beauty

Today's Reading: Ezekiel 28-31

"Ho, ho, hee! I'm smart, you see!
I can win the spelling bee,
Calculations, strategies,
Ciphering, technology,
Wisdom, creativity,
Narratives and poetry,
I'm a little god, that's me."

"So you're proud of what you're dealt?
Look at me, I've got the wealth.
Making deals and being stealth
Adding coins into my belt
Buying stocks, hoarding gelt
Playing games, I've got the meldt,
Many to my name have knelt!"

"Boring, boys, just look at me!
Full of grace---a real beauty
Flowing hair, abs of steel
Perfect eyes and shaped booty
When I'm walking down the street
You can't keep your eyes off me
The goddess holding all the keys."

"Stop your noise! Your hearts are proud!
Your blasphemy is much too loud!
Sharing my throne is not allowed!
You've corrupted gifts endowed
Meant to benefit the crowd.
Soon you'll meet diaster's cloud.
Arrogance will be your shroud."

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