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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Day 244: First Do This

Today's Reading: Ezekiel 20-21

There is a story about a new pastor who moved into town. The first Sunday he preached on the text "Love One Another." It was an excellent sermon and the parishioners went home feeling proud of their new pastor.

They came the next week excited to hear from the young pastor again. Much to their disappointment, the new pastor preached the same sermon. Some of the more gracious parishioners suggested that perhaps the pastor had been busy moving into the new home and offered this as a possible excuse.

With eagerness, they attended the third Sunday. Again, the pastor preached, "Love one another." By this time, the church elders were very disturbed. They decided they much approach their new pastor and set him straight.

"Pastor, you have preached the same sermon three weeks in a row. When do you plan to preach a new sermon?"

The pastor said, "I'll preach a new sermon when you plan to heed the task of this one."

In the passage from Ezekiel, a group of elders want to "inquire of the LORD." They want a special word; they want a miraculous sign; they want a unique knowledge.

But God tells Ezekiel, I really have nothing more to say to this group of people until they follow through on everything else I've said to them already. Tell them to first do what I have already commanded. Then and only then will they hear from me.

Many people want to hear from God. God has given us the entire Bible from which God will speak to us constantly if we come with an open heart. But, we want a special revelation so we can have a "God experience." Maybe God seems silent to most of us or our churches because God is waiting for us to first do what he has already revealed.

So I ask myself, what has God already told me to do that I have left undone?

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