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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Day 246: Burnt Pot

Today's Reading: Ezekiel 24-27

I had a friend once who was such a bad cook, she couldn't even boil water. She'd forget about it and burn the pot. One time, she left the boiling water on the stove so long, the water evaporated and burned right through the pot.

This is the image God is using to speak of the destruction of Jerusalem. But God adds a twist.

Choose the choice pieces of meat...

God is saying Israel was the very best. Her flavor should have been the most satisfying to the LORD. But instead, she would be cooked, the broth would evaporate, the bones would char, the pot would burn through. Something beautiful would become ruined.

The sweet smell of a living sacrifice of love would turn into the stench of a burnt pot.

God has a real way with words. God uses images of everyday life to try to explain to us how he is feeling about our behavior.

Today, God is asking, "Are you a wonderful Sunday potroast which makes everybody feel at home or has your burnt stench sent everybody outside until the smoke clears?"

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