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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Day 259: Closed up and sealed

Today's Reading: Daniel 10-12

It seems from reading Daniel that there are somethings God wants us to know and other things which are unknowable until God decides to open them up and un-seal them.

As a mother, I might prepare a meal ahead of time but I close it up and seal it, putting it away into the freezer until the appropriate time. I do not want my children or my husband to mess with these dishes. I don't want them getting them out of the freezer, unsealing them or trying to eat them until the time has fully come when they are to be served.

Jesus said, "I have much to tell you but you could not bear it at this time." (John 16:12)

Just as a baby needs to drink first milk, then begin to eat gruel and slowly move toward solid foods, God reveals to us only what we can bear.

LORD, how do I become someone who can bear your revelation?
What is needed?

What do I need to leave alone?
What do I need to leave untouched
until you bring it out of the freezer
and prepare it for me?

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