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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Day 267: How would you explain this?

Today's Reading: Ezra 7-10

There are some stories in the Bible that blow me away! When the Israelites left Egypt, the Egyptians threw gold and jewels at their feet. As the slaves left their captors, the captors did not hold them back but instead gave them riches!

Now, the exiles are leaving Babylon and a similar thing is happening. King Xeres is opening up his treasury and ladening the Israelites with wealth as they leave from being servants to being freed people.

How would you explain this?

It goes counter to everything we would expect. Master do not freely release slaves and then also laden them with treasures! Usually slaves have to sneak away from bondage under the fear of blood hounds on their feet and bounty hunters with guns.

This kind of amazing happening can only be attributed to God who "puts it in the king's heart" to honor God's people.

These kind of stories give me great hope when I get absolutely frustrated with politics. Despite the "powers and principalities" of this world, my God can, in an instant, put it into an arrogant and self-serving ruler's heart to work good for God's people.

Let us pray for this kind of work of the Holy Spirit in the hearts of our leaders.

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