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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Day 258: Confusing...

Today's Reading: Daniel 7-9

Visions, angel visitations and prophesies about 'end times.'

It is all very confusing to me. I am in good company then, because even Daniel did not understand all that was being shown to him.

Many theologians, scholars and people more spiritual than I have tried to decipher the 'code' of the visions of Daniel.

Though I do not understand much about the visions, I do understand and am not confused about Daniel's response: repentance.

Daniel pleads, fasts and prays.

Not only for himself but for his nation. Such honesty and such humility!

He ends his prayer with these words:
O Lord, listen!
O Lord, forgive!
O Lord, hear and act!

For your sake, O my God,
do not delay,
because your city and your people bear your Name.

There is nothing confusing about this.
Daniel understands his position before God.
He is not only a sinner,
he is an intercessor--a priest--begging God on behalf of God's people.

Perhaps getting the humility and repentance thing right is more important than fully understanding the future prophesy.

God will take care of the future.
We have the hard work of humility in the here and now!

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