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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Day 260: When God speaks, Kings listen

Today's Reading: Ezra 1-3

Did you hear the amazing, amazing irony in the passage today?

God speaks to a pagan king! God speaks to a non-believer. He doesn't use a Bible study group or the testimony of an evangelist. Somehow, God speaks into the ear of a king and the king does something totally wild.

God speaks to a pagan king and the pagan king demands that God's people be free to rebuild the temple! Totally contrary to any worldly political savvy, the king sets his slaves free and orders them to rebuild their culture, centered in God.

I need to get this in my head.

God speaks and creates whatever order God wants out of chaos. God did it at creation. God did it during the exodus. God did it during the exile. And God does and ever will speak.

And when God speaks, God doesn't need an army arrayed with weapons. God speaks and nations are lifted up or razed. God speaks and people come alive or die. God speaks and the land becomes fruitful or desolate.

There is no power on this earth which will not obey God if God speaks and demands obedience. There is no king, ruler, nation, or ever random guerrilla group God cannot use for God's purposes.

Amazing what this Bible says.
Amazing what our God claims.

Embrace it.
Trust God.

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