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Friday, September 17, 2010

Day 251: Measuring the Future

Today's Reading: Ezekiel 40-41

Imagine, sitting in a place of misfortune, poverty, and hopelessness, and having an angel visitation. The angel whips out a measuring tape and begins to measure out a huge mansion. In the vision, the angel does not just measure out the outer perimeter, but measures every inch of cabinet space in the kitchen and bathrooms.

Would this feel like a mocking or a promise?

Ezekiel sits in exile with God's people who have lost all due to their faithlessness. In the midst of all the sorrow that I cannot imagine, Ezekiel begins to have visions of a new and bright future.

And the vision is not some fuzzy or foggy blur, but a precise, detailed picture. The more precise, the more one begins to hope.

God is the god of incredible and seemingly impossible futures. God is the master craftsman who not only measured the boundaries of the sea, but is preparing a place for you in his marvelous plan. And it is not a vague future, one that could be voted down by a board. It is set, with all glory, and is backed by the one who can afford it.

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