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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Day 300: So watch yourselves

Today's Reading: Luke 16-17:10

Jesus, like his Heavenly Father, hates sin. And he abhors those who lead others into sin. Jesus hates those who prey upon others, who dupe others, who tempt others.

So check out the sins railed against in the Ten Commandments and watch yourself.

1. No other gods before me. Am I fiercely loyal to YHWH or do I nod my assent to other gods? Do I encourage others to foster other allegiances?

2. No graven images. Do I buy trinkets, totems and idols as home decor? Do I worship things and encourage others to do the same?

3. No vain talk about God. Do I allow God's name to be taken lightly in my presence? Do I promise things of God to others and then not follow through?

4. Sabbath keeping. Do I cause others to work on Sabbath? Do I plan events which pull people away from their families and worship on their Sabbath day?

5. Honoring parents. Do I allow people to speak disrespectfully about their parents in my presence? Do I dishonor my parents verbally?

6. Don't murder. Do I speak out against killings? War? Abortion? Capital punishment? Euthanasia? Are all these things wrong or are there exceptions?

7. No adultery. Do I allow unmarried people to sleep together in my home? Do I flirt with those who are attached to another? Do I wear seductive clothing?

8. No stealing. Do I encourage dishonesty of any sort? Do I gossip and thus steal another's good name?

9. No false witness. Have I ever encouraged someone to fudge on anything? Do I lie about another to make myself look better?

10. No coveting. Do I take my children shopping, insisting they must have something which is not affordable? Do I encourage my family members or friends to want something belonging to others--fame, position, prestige?
What is highly valued among men is detestable in God's sight.

I guess I better start watching myself.

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