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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Day 283: I am willing

Today's Reading: Matthew 8:1-13, Luke 7

It is no mistake that right after the Sermon on the Mount, a man with leprosy comes to be cleansed by Jesus.

Physical leprosy has always been understood as a symbol of the depths of spiritual depravity. Who, after listening with open ears to Jesus' sermon, could walk back into "normal life" and be satisfied.

When one hears the beauty of holiness and then looks at himself, one cannot help but see one's own sinfulness.

Matthew is a clever writer. The Holy Spirit leads him to tell this story of miraculous healing right after the warnings are issued by the Son of Man.

God is like that. God always gives warning. God gives time for repentance. And then God delivers wrath upon those who will not and do not listen.

If you are willing, LORD, heal me.

Are you kidding? God is so willing! We are the ones who are unwilling! We are unwilling to admit our leprous hearts. We are unwilling to come and kneel before the creator and savior and ask.

Jesus is willing.

Are you?

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