"We must trust, though we seem alone, there are others walking with us."

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Day 297: Fanny pack comfort

Today's Reading: Luke 10-11, John 10: 22-42

My daughter is embarrassed by me.

She is a designer purse type of gal. She would love to have matching shoes and purses for every outfit. She likes to have names of people I've never heard of on her handbags. She could tell you if something is in style or if it is passe.

I am clueless.

My daughter is embarrassed by me.

I like to wear a fanny pack.

I am a practical kind of gal. A leather fanny pack is sturdy and durable. It is always accessible. It leaves both of your hands free. It is attached to your body. You don't have to worry about keeping it on your shoulder or setting it aside when you sit down. It travels with you.

And best of all, it is almost un-snatchable. No one can grab it off your shoulder and run off with it. It is held close and snug.

Fanny packs might not be the most fashionable or flattering way to carry around the necessities of a woman's life, but it works just fine for me.

Consider it my faith statement.

I am like a fanny pack on Jesus' hip. I am so closely bound to him, he declares that no one can snatch me from him.

I find great comfort in that.

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