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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Day 277: Who are you?

Today's Reading: Matthew 4, Luke 4-5, John 1: 15-51

As Jesus moves into the front and center of the stage performing miracles, preaching, healing and calling disciples, the people around him begin to wonder, "Who are you?"

Their responses and those of the demon and satanic world point to the varied responses to this question.

Some say, "Ah, that's just Joseph's son." He's no one special. Just another guy who doesn't make that big of a difference.

Some say, "This man and his friends are dangerous." John is locked up in prison and there are rumblings of discontent beginning.

The demon world knows full well who Jesus is and addresses him as Jesus of Nazareth and Holy One of God in the same breath.

Listen to all the names in this passage and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal the full nature of Jesus to you.

Son of God
Jesus of Nazareth
Holy one of God
The Christ/Messiah
Son of Man
God, the One and Only
King of Israel
Joseph's Son
Demon Possessed
A man
Lamb of God

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