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Monday, October 18, 2010

Day 289: What is my response to Christ?

Today's Reading: Matthew 14; Mark 6; Luke 9:1-17

It is fascinating while reading great chunks of scripture to focus upon different responses to Jesus Christ. They are so like many of ours, depending upon the moment, the month or the mountain before us.

Ponder these responses with me.

What is my response to Christ?
Demons are afraid of him. Am I like the demons, wreaking havoc in others lives? Am I aware of my own participation in evil? And then suddenly Jesus walks in. Do I say to Jesus, "I know who you are. I understand your powere, but give me some more time before you put me in my place?" Do I comprehend that Jesus could destroy me?

Students are amazed at him. Am I a student who loves to hear Jesus' teaching? Do I find Bible study fascinating? Do I love the thrill of a new insight? Do I seek out Jesus to be amazed and stimulated intellectually?

The crowds run to him. Am I someone who runs to Jesus? Do I drop everything on my schedule, knowing a moment in his presence is worth more than anything I can imagine? Or do I run to him only when I need him? Do I long to be healed and have the opportunity to just touch the hem of his gown?

Some are offended by him. Am I someone who wants to argue with Jesus? Am I offended by his forthrightness and his narrowness on some issues? Do I despise the way He is always 'right?' Do I think I have a better way to run things if only God gave ME the power? Does Jesus offend me and my lifestyle? Do I want to tell Jesus to back off?

Those in power plot against him. Am I someone who secretly desires to put Jesus away? Do I look for contradictions in what he says? Has Jesus so riled me, I want to put him totally out of my life? Do I think he could be a danger to some people if they get too fanatical about him?

The disciples are terrified of him. Am I a disciple, who, the more I see and the more I experience of him, the more I desire and yet the more I am terrified? Do I see his power and tremble, yet realize my whole being is worthless without him?

What is my response to Christ?

I think this is an important question today.


Perhaps the most important question of a lifetime.

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