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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day 235: Sic 'em

Today's Reading: Jeremiah 51-52

There are many Disney moments when animated characters are fleeing the wrath of the Evil One or Destroyer featured in the most recently released flick. Whether it be Snow White fleeing through the forest full of grabbing trees and torrential rains, Pinocchio paddling away from a cresting wave, or Mulan galloping away from a surging avalanche, we can visualize the action that follows the warning, "Run for your lives!"

As God's wrath spills forth upon the enemies of God's children, God warns his people to flee, run; run as fast as you can!

We learn a bit about the spiritual realm when we listen to God's word very closely. Consider the implications of this revealing passage:
This is what the LORD says:
"See, I will stir up the spirit of a destroyer."

It is as if God has some chained up pit bulls and rottweilers, snarling and snapping at the air, just waiting to be let loose and to hear the command, "sic 'em" so they can aggressively and fearlessly maul people to death, holding onto their prey until all their life blood is poured out.

Did you ever think of God as being in charge of "the spirit of the destroyer?" In some ways, this is very disturbing. God has an arsenal of destruction waiting eagerly to execute God's commands. God uses Satan, the destroyer, to do his will.

At the same time, it comforts me to know God controls the destroyer. He hold the key to the padlock on the kennel. God can open or shut the door.

And the barking, blood hungry beast must be still and retreat with tail between legs at God's command.

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