"We must trust, though we seem alone, there are others walking with us."

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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Day 224: Scattered

Today's Reading: Jeremiah 23-25

One of my favorite movies is BABE, a sweet flick about a herding pig. Babe, the pig, is raised by border collies, and becomes a negotiator and reconciling agent in the barnyard.

The sheep warn Babe about wolves and wild dogs who want nothing more than to scatter, scare and eat them. The sheep have sworn an allegiance with one another against the bad dogs of life.

Babe witnesses a horrible scene when some stray dogs come and scatter the flock, leaving an old wise ewe near death with broken legs, and a little lamb ravaged and slaughtered.

Jeremiah claims there are those people in our lives who will scatter us, the flock. They will run wild in our lives, scaring us and tearing us apart.

There are not only people like this, there are issues like this. Our desire to "do what is right in our own eyes" often splits the church, our communities and our families.

At some point, we need to recognize that we all need the Good Shepherd who know not only how to manage the flock, but what is best for the flock. If the faithful are being scattered, it is important to note if there is a bad shepherd or a wolf running loose.

And we must always remember that we all have wolfish tendencies.

The disciples asked, "Is it I, LORD?"

A very good question to consider in the midst of conflict.

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