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Friday, August 6, 2010

Day 215: Victory Song

Today's Reading: Nahum

I rejoice in God, my Defender,
My Victory, My Song!
Whom shall I fear,
For who can stand against Him?

My God is not a gentle enemy.
Patient, yes. Slow to anger, yes.
But once my LORD moves to strike,
There is no turning back.

God calls forth Creation's waters
to flood the Enemy's path.
Thorns from the earth
Tear at and entangle advancing boots.

Grapes of wrath do their worst
Changing the wine of joy
Into the confusing seduction
Of drunken stupor.

God's anger spreads like wild fire
Burning, consuming
All the lifeless rubble of the
Enemy's taunts.

The strength of the Enemy of God
Is drained
And its life blood now
Paints its weapons of war.

"I demand Peace," says the LORD.
"My people will have Peace.
The treasures I have planned for them
Will be returned;
The treasures of Heaven will be theirs."

"Shame upon you, O Enemy of the Most High!
Let your naked weakness be exposed.
Your skirts cannot be lifted high enough
To cover your reddened face."

"You are no threat to our King.
He is the Lion King of Judah.
Your growl can no longer
Put fear in our bones."

"We will pelt you with your own garbage
And send you away
Like a dog with its tail
Between its legs."

"Your strength is weakness,
Your defense is squashed like a bug.
You are fleeing with no where to hide.
Run, run, run away into your destruction!"

The LORD is my Strength
And my Defender.
My sure and certain hope.
Whom shall I fear!

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