"We must trust, though we seem alone, there are others walking with us."

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Monday, August 2, 2010

Day 208: Face Shine

Today's Reading: 2 Kings 18:9-19:37; Psalms 46, 80, 135

Recently, I visited with a young family. The five year old son, aware that his dad and mom were engrossed in a conversation with someone else, tried a lot of tactics to get their attention away from me, their guest, back to him, their son. Finally, he climbed up in his dad's lap, took his dad's face in his pudgy little hands and turned it away from me so they were nose to nose. "Look at me, Daddy," he demanded.

As a mother, I have noticed my face turning to my children. When there is a class picture from a field trip, none of the other people in the picture hold any interest for me until I find my son. During a concert, it is very hard for me to enjoy the whole production as my eyes are fixed upon my child everytime she is on the stage. My face beams with delight; it shines when my child walks in the door way, coming home from college.

The Psalmist begs:
Make your face shine upon us.

Bring us to the center of your attention, LORD.
O, that I might hold your interest.
Fix your eyes of love upon me.
May I bring you delight.

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