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Friday, August 6, 2010

Day 217: Good Housekeeping

Today's Reading: Zephaniah

It's Friday.
Time to clean the house.

The kitchen needs its dishes washed
And a roast needs to be put in the oven.
Bread needs to be kneaded and raised.
Cookies formed and baked to fill the empty jar.
Windows, streaked cloudy with the weeks dust
Call for the powerful ammonia to clear the
Smudges to allow the morning sun's entrance.
Cobwebs and grime need to be swept away.
New linen upon the beds.
Places of cleansing and toilet require
Sanitizing, so freshness can return.
Pull the sweat laden clothes from the hamper.
Dirty rags from the week.
Handkerchiefs and underwear soiled with life's waste.
Plunge them into the cleansing waters.
Scrub them with the fresh hyssop.

It's Friday, LORD.
You are cleaning house.
You are preparing for the Great Banquet,
A feast and festival for your children.

Welcome, Holy Sabbath!
Welcome, Filling Feast!
Welcome, Sunshine's Light!
Welcome, Fresh Clean Garments!

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