"We must trust, though we seem alone, there are others walking with us."

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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Day 220: Safe?

Today's Reading: Jeremiah 7-9

The "two faced" life is common.

Most of us have an exterior life which portrays much of what we think society or religion demand of us---Politeness, political correctness, ethics and morals.

Then there is that secret interior life and the life of our actions done when we are alone.

Today, God's word nails us.

" 'Will you steal and murder, commit adultery and perjury, burn incense to Baal and follow other gods you have not known, and then come and stand before me in this house, which bears my Name, and say, "We are safe"-safe to do all these detestable things? Has this house, which bears my Name, become a den of robbers to you? But I have been watching! declares the LORD.
Jeremiah 7:9-11

We all do detestable things, whether we want to admit it or not. Our speech about others is judgmental and cruel as we gossip. Our thoughts are not pure as we covet what does not belong to us, or go down the paths of our fantasies. Though we might look as though we are making right choices to those around us, often our minds flirt and then go to bed with evil.

And then we dare go worship God, believing all is well, that we are safe.

Jesus nails his disciples with this word.
What you have said in the dark will be heard in the daylight. What you have whispered to someone behind closed doors will be shouted from the rooftops.
Luke 12:3

For me, this is a scary reality. I know my heart is corrupt. Though I pray for a clean heart to be created in me, the center of my thoughts is not always true. I wobble, off balance and fall, like a gyroscope.

The rabbis say, "Character is what we do when no one is watching."

God says, "I have been watching!"

Dear LORD,
I am not safe.
I am exposed and naked before you.
I am Shame.
Forgive me and cover my sin.
Do not allow it to be shouted,
for I could not bear it.

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