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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Day 228: O, for a descendant of Jonadab

Today's Reading: Jeremiah 35-37

A strange story today, of a family who faithfully made obedience a tradition. Jonadab said:

We don't drink wine.

We don't build houses.

And generations later, the family abstains and lives as nomads in tents.

God lifts up this family to make a point. The point is not that it is a sin to drink wine, nor is it a sin to live in a house, unless...unless God tells you not to.

Here is a long line of people who obey the command of their ancestral father, a mere human, and yet, God's people will not obey the command of their divine creator.

As I ponder this, though, I realize the power of our ancestors, our parents, our traditions. Often they hold more authority over our lives than the authority of scripture.

This is scary for me as a parent. I must watch what I teach my children, the commands I speak and the demands I place. Whether I like it or not, I carry power over their lives like none other.

Blood is very thick.

I hope my children long to obey God as much as they long to receive my approval.

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