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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Day 329: The Very Religious

Today's Reading: Acts 17-18:18

There is a difference between being "spiritual" and "religious," and being a "Christian."

Being "spiritual" means you have an intuition that something bigger and more complex is driving the universe and people's motives. Most spiritual people want to be kind, open and loving toward other people. They are seeking "truth" in many forms. They are also seeking pleasant and meaningful experiences. You can be "spiritual" and not be a Christian.

Being "religious" means you honor traditions, customs and rituals. You like the structure of a system which brings you to a place of worship. You have words and rhythms which are important to you. You seek order and want a moral code by which to live. You can be "religious" and not be a Christian.

The people of Athens were spiritual and religious. They were sensitive to the fact that there was an unexplained force in the world. They acknowledged many gods, even acknowledged there might be a god they did not know. They loved to offer their sacrifices and move through the practices of the religions around them. They appreciated objects of worship. But they did not know the one true God.

Paul noticed the idol to the Unknown God and used this as an entry point to speak about the gospel of Jesus Christ. He shared the story of God from creation through resurrection. He started where people were and shared the revelation of Jesus Christ.

Christians might be spiritual. Christians might be religious. Christians, though, always know their God is Christ.

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