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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Day 322: Continual Conversion

Today's Reading: Acts 9-10

Our readings today begin with Saul, convinced of his righteousness, who is breathing murderous threats against the LORD's disciples. Along the way, he is struck down by the light of God and the voice of Jesus Christ. He experiences a conversion as he says, "Yes, LORD."

Ananias, who has had beloved friends who were tortured by Saul, is called by God to mentor his enemy. His answer to God's call--"Yes, LORD,"---not only leads to the raising up of a mighty leader for God, but a deepening conversion about the mighty will of God which were not even in his scope of possibilities.

Peter, a Jewish disciple of the LORD whose ministry was well defined in his mind, receives a vision from the LORD which widens his view of those worthy to be a part of the kingdom. As he says "Yes, LORD," he moves and sits at table with those whom he previously despised, and witnesses the work of the Holy Spirit in a new way. His boundaries are converted.

As believers in Christ, we experienced a conversion when we turned from the world and our idols to self and embraced Jesus Christ as LORD and Savior. But with every word from the LORD, we have the opportunity to respond, "Yes, LORD," as the LORD continually converts, shapes and molds us into the disciples and the church he is calling us to be.

May our response always be, "Yes, LORD."

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