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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Day 311: A Long Time in Coming

Today's Reading: Matthew 25

I have never been a good girl scout.

All that stuff about being prepared fell on my deaf ears. Though I have always tried to be someone who thinks of everything, I always forget something. The thrill of the moment often leaves me lacking later. On a trip, I often forget a toothbrush or some shampoo, an umbrella or a blow drier, and I need to rely on my faithful, steady, prepared husband to loan to or share with me.

I can just see the virgins getting ready for the bridegroom's arrival--so excited about their gowns or new hairdos, perhaps their painted nails or slippers. They might think only of the moment. Surely there is enough oil in the lamp, gas in the tank, faith in the heart to get them to the great banquet feast. Carrying more oil, more faith, more love, more hope, might be cumbersome and not fit in their designer handbag. It might not fit with their lifestyle of the present. After all, they have enough to get by, don't they?

And then the bridegroom delays. The prayers seem to bounce off the ceiling. Life gets busy or tough or just plain confusing. The bridegroom's eager waiters get tired of waiting, distracted by the chatter among themselves, drowsy in the drone of ritualism, legalism and traditionalism. They fall asleep.

I notice my drowsiness sometimes. I sometimes forget to trim my wick and life gets smoky. I think, I'll have enough to get me there; I might roll in on the fumes, but I'd hate to stop and fill my tank. What an interruption that would be!

LORD, let me heed the warning.
Help me to store up lots and lots and lots of oil.
May I be so filled to the brim with your oil that I glide right into your arms and dance the whole celebration!

Come, LORD Jesus, quickly come!

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