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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day 305: The little donkey

Today's Reading: Luke 18:15-19:48

I woke this morning at the dawn
And put my muddy boots upon
My feet and trudged out to the barn
To feed my gentle donkey.

Her foal, a frisky little thing,
Nudged at her teet, the milk to bring,
I brought her oats, she thought I king!
I stroked my gentle donkey.

Each day, this ritual performed
Each day, inside our musty barn
Each day, upon each chilly morn
Tending my gentle donkey.

One day a knock came at my door
Two men I had not seen before
Two men now seeking to implore
About my gentle donkey.

They looked her up, they looked her down
And then upon the colt's fair crown
They pat his back, his belly round
Wanting my gentle donkey.

"This young unbridled buck will do."
I asked, "For what?" And "Why?" And "Who?"
"It's what the LORD requires of you."
They said, about my donkey.

From time beginning was the plan
For this young buck to bear the Man
Upon whom all Creation stands
Who'll ride my little donkey.

And so the donkey was not mine
But created for this time
When all of life will sing the rhyme--
The King upon His donkey.

The reins I put into his hand.
Such joy to think me in the plan
To raise, and then be in the band
Led by this little donkey.

O LORD, you are so good and fair
To let me in your kingdom share
By tending and by giving care
To yours--Your little donkey.

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