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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Day 324: All in the Life of a Disciple

Today's Reading: Acts 13-14

At the beginning of the book of Acts, Jesus charges his disciples to witness first in their home town, then ripple further out until the ends of the earth are reached. Jesus, having lived with them for three years, mentored them in what they could expect as his disciples.

Our passage today ripples out to us, letting us know what we can expect as disciples.

A disciple's ministry is grounded in the worship of the LORD God, in fasting and in prayer. In this posture, the Holy Spirit speaks.

As we listen, the Holy Spirit sets apart and calls disciples for work. Other disciples are to lay hands on them and then are called to fast and pray for each other.

Here is some of the work disciples can expect from our reading today:

We can expect to share the Word of the LORD. Our mouths will need to be opened to preach, proclaim and explain. Our hands will need to be ready to serve.

We can expect to be confronted by spiritual warfare. Just as movement creates a draft, the movement of the Holy Spirit creates a stirring. When God's people move, the enemy loves to chase them. We must be ready for spiritual resistance and battle at all times.

We can expect to welcome new believers. As we labor in the fields, our labors will not be in vain. The LORD will bring about fruit!

We can expect ourselves to speak boldly despite persecution. We are called to stand and stand more. Persecution will follow. When it does, we can rejoice and be glad as we join in the great company of prophets who have gone before us.

We can expect to perform signs and wonders. Miracles are part of the life of a disciple. The Holy Spirit uses miraculous power to open up new avenues of ministry.

We can expect division. Sad though it is, the Word of God is sharper than a two edged sword and it divides and cuts, sometimes in directions which surprise us.

We can expect being put on a pedestal. People just coming to the LORD might begin to idolize the messenger of the King who is in their midst instead of the LORD God King, himself. Beware, O disciples!

We can expect to share the testimony of God's mighty deeds as we witness to the believers and non believers alike.

The disciple's life is enveloped by the Word of God and the delighting of sharing His mighty deeds. These deeds are so powerful, they bring much blowing in their wake.

Expect it.

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