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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Day 99: Isn't God good enough?

Today's Reading: 1 Samuel 4-8

The ark of the covenant gets captured. This holy piece of the tabernacle has been stupidly removed as a good luck charm and is captured by the enemy. It should have never left the tabernacle. It should have never been used as a token symbol. It was used as an idol. It enveloped the presence of God.

So the captured trophy is in enemy territory. But what happens? It seems God is able to defend God's self. The power behind, within and upon the ark starts to wreak havoc in every town. Israel's enemies begin playing "hot potato" with the presence of God, all hoping the "music will not be up" when the ark is in their "lap."

Though the Israelites really messed up by going out on their own and using God, God will not be used. God also does not need defending. God seems to be able to take care of himself! Though the enemies of Israel are superstitious, God is real.

What amazes me is that after all become afraid of the power of God in their midst, Israel has the gall to say, we don't want God as our leader any more; we want a KING@ God has proved God's love, faithfulness, wrath and power over and over again, and yet, Israel basically says, "Being led by God isn't good enough for us."

Despite Samuel's warnings, the Israelites stubbornly go the way their head is pointed. "The people refused to listen to the voice of Samuel."

Why are we so stubborn?

Why don't we listen?

Why do we go our own way?

When will we learn?

I feel like we are headed for disaster.

Here we go again...

When will we understand/comprehend that God is not only good enough, only God can fill the desire of our heart?

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