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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Day 113: The Family Tree

Today's Reading: 1 Chronicles 1-2

Today begins with an amazing genealogy, tracing the ancestry of David and the line of Israel all the way back to Adam.

I find this amazing for two reasons.

1. Many evolutionists claim "Adam" to be a symbolic creature depicting all of creation in a mythical story, but the Bible treats him as a real, flesh and blood person from whom real people sprung, and make a very good case for his actuality by naming his descendants.

2. The detailed and comprehensive listing of descendants is incredible, considering the lack of libraries, computers and museums which usually are the guardians of history. Imagine the oral tradition which was able to keep this list in tact.

The book of Chronicles lines out, in detail, an incredible family tree! We discover the generations from Adam to Noah, Noah to Abram, Abram to David. The listing uniquely shares Judah's descendants (the third son of Jacob/Israel) before Reuben's or Simeon's (Jacob's two first sons.) This has historical and theological explanations.

How far back do you know your family tree. On my mother's mother's side I know back to my great grandparents. On my dad's dad's side we have a book that tells us our family heritage back to the 15th century. But for David to have generation after generation listed is amazing.

Some names we recognize. Some name people who lived without another word about them but their name. Countless mothers and sisters go unnamed.

When I read lists like this, I generally want to skip over them and move on to a narrative section. But imagine the lives and the stories behind each name. Though we do not know them, God does.

God holds all of our histories

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