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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Day 90: Bring on the gore!

Today's Reading: Judges 3-5

The book of Judges is a favorite of pre-adolescent boys. All the war, all the gore, all the heroic, edgy drama.

In today's reading we can find all the things young teenage boys love:

Violence and war (3:2)
Heroes who make really cool weapons (3:16)
Stealth and intrigue (3:17-20)
Fat villains who get it in the gut (3:21-22)
Bathroom talk (3:24-25)
Great escapes (3:26-27)
Really gory, explicit deaths (4:21)

While mothers and young girls shake their heads at the book of Judges and try to make it more palatable by theologizing, boys (and grown up boys) secretly cheer on the heroes, secretly cry for more blood and gore, secretly say a strong "YES!" as they read these stories.

Why do boys and men have this passion for adventure/action flicks?

The hormone, testosterone, which is 10 times higher in the adult male than in the adult female, is the major reason. Testosterone supports muscle growth, decreases fat and encourages aggression in the human male. It is essential in the reproductive process and maintenance in the function of the male brain.

When testosterone is not under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, all hell can break loose. Violence, anger, rage, extreme aggression, overbearing strength, sexual activity out of control.

All these things are very hard for women to confront with much success.

Under the control of the Holy Spirit, testosterone becomes every woman's dream of the perfect male: strong, brave, confident, protective, nurturing, seeker of justice and truth.

In the book of Judges, God teaches men war. God fills men with the Holy Spirit to battle other men who are not under God's control. Men who back down from the challenge of fighting others who are out of control are mocked. When women have to step up to the plate, men are shamed.

Do I understand all this? No.

Do I see this played out daily in society? Yes.

Do I have any answers about this or a better idea? No.

This one is a mystery to me, a Pandora's box. As a female, I hate gore, I hate violence, I hate war. I always wonder if all the gore is truly necessary.

Why did Cain have to kill Abel?

Why didn't they sit down for tea and talk it out?

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