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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Day 93: Donkey riders

Today's Reading: Judges 10-12

Okay, I give up!

What's with all the donkey riding sons?

The passages for today start with thirty donkey riding sons and ends with forty sons and thirty grandsons all riding around on donkeys! It brings to mind a picture of ancient gangs who are riding donkeys instead of Harleys!

Perhaps there was peace during the judgeships of Jair and Abdon because they had their sons serve as itinerant judges, roaming around and keeping every dispute under control.

Whatever is going on, I must say, these kind of verses make me pause; they hook me. They make me wonder what is going on or if I am missing anything important by discounting them as "silly."

And yet, think of this: an entire man's life is summarized in the Bible by the fact that his sons were donkey riders.

It makes me wonder if my whole life was to be summarized into one verse of the Bible, what would God choose for me? or for you?

So far, in Judges, sideline people made the script by requesting a well for an inheritance, being a whore's son, marrying an uncle, standing up against idolatry and making a horrible vow.

So here's an exercise for today: Summarize your life in one sentence.

I guess that's what happens when people carve grave markers. "Wife of so-and-so." "Veteran of the war." "Father and mother." "Beloved daughter."

There's a part of me that would like something said about me which is a bit more unique.

But, perhaps, it would be best if I wasn't mentioned at all.

Donkey riders...I'll have to think more about that one.


  1. How about - she laughed a lot because she had a joy, joy, joy, joy down in her heart.

  2. I think that could be said of both you and me! I think I would say for me, "God's little experiment in joy."

    Speaking of that song, remember screaming our heads off when Dad said, "Where?" I think we should but "rafter dusters" on our next resume! Ha!

    BTW, I found out today that I am a "professional athlete" because I have to use my body to perform my work. That is just plain crazy, I mean, who leaves their bodies at home when they go to work? Now take some time to ponder that one....hmmm.