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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day 180: Asking the LORD for advice

Today's Reading: 2 Chronicles 19-23

I like Jehoshaphat.

He is not your typical ruler who seems to have it all together. He is humble. He knows his limitations.

But the best thing about Jehoshaphat is that he always asks the LORD's advice.

He meets with the king of Israel who is a difficult ally. What's his contribution to the board meeting?

"Let's ask the LORD."

He hears of an enemy advancing. What's his response? Alarm. What's his next step?

"Let's ask the LORD for advice."

He sets up judges in the land. What does he tell them?

"Think carefully about what you do. After all, you aren't judging for mere men. You are judging for the Lord. He's with you every time you make a decision. Have respect for the Lord. Judge carefully. He is always right. He treats everyone the same. He doesn't want his judges to take money from people who want special favors....Have respect for the Lord. Serve him faithfully. Do it with all your heart."

Jehoshaphat lives up to his name: "The LORD will judge."

Let God decide.

Let God judge.

Let God be the advice giver.

I think that is a wonderful way to live.

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