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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Day 161: Building Your Temple

Today's Reading: 1 Kings 5-6; 2 Chronicles 2-3

Solomon was building the actual temple of God. Paul says our bodies are the temple we are to build--a dwelling place for God. So here are a few tips I've extracted from Solomon's wisdom.

Instruction #1: Make sure there is rest on every side before you build.
God gave Solomon "rest" from all the nation's enemies so he could focus on the task of temple building. God gives us rest from our enemies, too. It's called the powerful weapon called "forgiveness." Before you start to work on the temple of your heart, get rid of all bitterness and resentment. Don't let it be a distraction in your building process.

Instruction #2: Get help from skilled people.
Solomon realized he had to go outside of his norm and hire skilled workers. Because he wanted quality work laced with beauty, he made sure he got help. When you are building the temple of your spiritual life, making room for God, seek out a spiritual director who can help you with some of the construction.

Instruction #3: Plan for greatness!
Solomon's work was all "best quality" and extravagant. He wanted the temple he was building to reflect God's image, power and greatness to the world. We, too, should settle for nothing less than greatness. Mediocre temples just don't cut it. Imagine your inner spiritual life dripping with gold and swathed in crimson! Put "cedars of Lebanon" as your pillars, they will not be destroyed by termites of sorrow or chaos.

Instruction #4: Listen to God for further instruction.
God had a say in the design and decor of the temple Solomon was building. Use God's "Good Housekeeping" magazine, God's word, to help you with character placement and spiritual fruit arrangements!

Instruction #5: Pay special attention to your inner sanctuary.
Solomon personally oversaw the building and ornamentation of the inner sanctuary where God spoke intimately with the priests. You are a priest of God. Keep that inner heart---its thoughts, motives, values, aspirations and goals---beautiful and pure.

Grab your tools and head to God's Home Depot and see what kind of temple you and God can build together!

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