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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Day 176: Meanwhile, back in Israel...

Today's Reading: 1 Kings 15:25 - 16:34; 2 Chronicles 17

Judah's Lamp, Asa, is burning well with rest and peace, but the region of Israel is absolutely in turmoil. There is constant war, everyone is killing everyone else, and fires are burning. Why? Lots and lots of idol worship.

So, here's my question---which comes first, idolatry or war?

According to the books of Kings and Chronicles, idolatry brings with it war, destruction and fire. These physical realities get translated into spiritual realities as the theology of God's people develops.

No, most of us do not have idols in our homes--wooden or stone depictions of gods, although Buddahs and Hindu gods and goddesses are becoming popular wall and garden ornamentation in homes--we need to consider what has replaced the allegiance to God in our lives?

What behaviors, needs or greed fuel the wars of our land? What keeps us building weaponry and asking the "sacrifice" of our children to the fires of destruction?

With whom are we constantly arguing? Are there areas of unrest in our lives? Can we determine the root cause of the strife?

It would be an interesting exercise to trace the "bloodline" of our strife. To find the headwaters of the streams of anger.

Would we dare to do this kind of reflection? Or will we continue to bow to all that is not God?

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