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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Day 167: Wisdom Words

Today's Reading: Proverbs 25-26

In Proverbs, those familiar with the sayings of Jesus find their source. Much of the sermon on the mount finds its scriptural text, its origin in the book of Proverbs.

The parable of humility which tells us to always take a lower seat.

The admonition to not argue with a fool.

Giving drinks to the thirsty.

Heaping burning coals upon enemies by doing kindness toward them.

The Words of Wisdom are always the Words of Jesus, no matter whose mouth speaks or which pen writes them. For Wisdom Words are truth, and truth is Jesus. Jesus is the author, the source, the creator of all that is true.

How wise we would be to put them into practice on a daily basis.

This week, I watched an embarrassing moment for someone I did not know. I was attending a funeral and there was seating reserved for the family members. Someone who obviously thought themselves important, who wanted a front row seat and/or who did not or could not see or read the reserved signs had situated themselves in the place of honor set aside for the grieving family.

I saw the head of the household call over the funeral director (the steward,) who immediately went to the person, whispered in his ear and removed the person from the front to sit in the back.

While most of us believe we could manage the etiquette of funeral seating, we are warned to not think more highly of ourselves than we ought. So it becomes a challenge to find the balance between being bold and courageous while being meek and humble.

The wisdom is found as we read the letters of Paul, where he says, "If you must boast, boast in the LORD." John the Baptist, one of the bravest and boldest said, "Christ must increase and I must decrease."

Lord of all TRUTH,
Increase greatly in me
Grow wisdom in me
Teach me humility.

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