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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Day 170: Really?

Today's Reading: Ecclesiastes 7-12

A week ago today, a very prominent young man in my community died. He was a brilliant business man, a visionary, a kind employer, a diligent husband and father, a loving son and a faithful believer in Christ.

As the preacher went to the podium, he expressed our grief, shock and confusion over God's plan of taking one so young and so promise filled from our midst. "A very sad day for us," the preacher said, "but a good day for him."

Of course, the preacher was talking about the glorification process our dearly departed would experience as he resurrected into paradise with Christ. It is the believer's hope and promise.

The wisest man in all history said something that I think many would take issue with.

The day of death better than the day of birth

It seems when a baby is born, everyone is so excited! The anticipation is only exceeded by the actual event.

But the writer of Ecclesiastes is very realistic about life. He states life is hard, and after one strives, one discovers it is all for naught. Really? Is this your experience?

One someone dies, it seems that crying is the natural response. Death is called the enemy and most of us feel that way.

But the writer of Ecclesiastes shares the day of death is better than the day of birth, because then we can finally rest from the vanity of this existence. Really? Is this your experience?

Here is the wisdom of Ecclesiates: This world is not our home. This world offers fleeting moments only but will never truly satisfy. Our satisfaction begins with God and is fulfilled when we die and meet God face to face.

Another wise one once told me, "You cannot begin to pray, you cannot begin to live, until you understand eternity and begin to live with an eternal mindset."



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