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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Day 140: Rock God

Today's Reading: 2 Samuel 22-23; Psalm 57

During the times of David, huge boulders and rocks were the main advantage in battle.

One could hide out in the rocky places, finding shelter from enemy eyes and weaponry.

Stones were used in slingshots as the major bullet-like devise of attack.

Arrows, tipped with carved stone, could be shot from a distance into enemy flesh.

And large boulders were catapulted to destroy fortresses.

It is not strange, then, that David calls God his Rock, his Fortress and Defender. Being a man of war all his life, David knew the gift of rocks. It was stones in his slingshot that saved him from bears, lions and Goliaths. It was boulders that hid him like a fortress from Saul's army. It was caves that were his home all the years he was being pursued.

O Lord, you are my Rock.

This makes me consider the names I use for God in prayer. My most common is "LORD" or "Father."

I wonder how my prayers would change and be molded by praying to God and calling God "Rock."

As I ponder on this metaphor, I think of huge boulders that cannot be moved without heavy equipment. Rocks are steadfast and immovable, just like God.

I think of playing "Hide and Go Seek" as a child in the "Garden of the Gods'" boulders. No one could see me or find me when I hid in the crevices, a perfect hiding place.

I think of a picture that hung on my Grandmother's wall of a big St. Bernard who had rescued a drowning child and was clinging to a rock as the waves splashed around him, a safety in the time of storm.

Faithful, sturdy, true.

How wonderful to ponder this rocky quality of God, especially when times are hard and friends seem scarce.

Rock God,
Hide me from all that would attack me.
Let me squeeze into your clefts.

Rock God,
Allow me to cling to you
When all around is giving way.

Rock God,
Defend me from the mocking giants
And pierce all that is false and dangerous to me.

You are faithful, sturdy and true.

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