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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Day 132: O brother!

Today's Reading: 2 Samuel 11-12; 1 Chronicles 20

It was Spring. David was not where he was supposed to be. He sees. He sends. He sleeps. And, O, brother, what a mess is born!

It is Spring. Uriah is exactly where he has been called to be. He comes when called. He is loyal. He is faithful. He is killed. O, dear Brother, how we weep for you!

It is Spring. Joab is where he's been sent to be. He is obedient. He becomes an accomplice to murder. He is mad. O Brother, what were you thinking?

It is Spring. David, dear Brother, how could you!

No matter how many times I've heard this story, it still cuts to the deepest part of me. Such absolute sorrow I feel!

With that sorrow comes condemnation, anger and indignation. With that sorrow comes my own realization and recognition of myself in every one of the characters.

And I mourn.

I roll my eyes and proclaim, "O brother!" at the stupidity and senseless path of pain sin took David on.

I wipe my eyes and proclaim, "O, Brother!" as I weep and grieve.

O brother!

O, Brother!

And my only hope; my only way to make any sense of any of this is to cry out to yet another Brother of mine and at His feet, through tears of sorrow, pour out the pain.

O, Brother, where art Thou,
When our eyes wander,
When we send ourselves where we should not go,
When we commit heinous crimes which we should not even begin to ponder.

O, Brother,
Save us from ourselves.

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