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Monday, May 3, 2010

Day 122: Name it!

Today's Reading: Psalm 106-107

I love the psalms.

They just name it...they get it all out there!

Psalm 106 doesn't just say, "O, by the way, LORD, forgive our sins and the sin of our parents." O no! We get a step by step, sin by sin, accounting.

"Our ancestors messed up, LORD, and we're going to name everything we can so we can yell, 'Hosanna!--Save us, LORD'"

Why do we want to hide from God when if we come to God naked he will heal us and save us and cleanse us? After all, God knows it all anyway, why not just name it and move into new life?

Holding back is like going to the doctor's office and refusing to take off your clothes. It would be like going in for a pap smear and then holding your knees together. It would be like not telling the good doc all your symptoms, getting a false diagnosis and paying a bill without getting any help.

How stupid is that?

I really like the psalmists. I want to be as open with God as they are. I think they get it.

If by naming, God created this world, wouldn't naming bring forth a new creation?

I think we need to get over our self consciousness and lay it all out for God.

And for ourselves...

We just might move on from our dis-ease into shalom!

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