"We must trust, though we seem alone, there are others walking with us."

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Twelfth Day Poem: Gift

Good morning, M.
Before you even open your eyes
Feel the warmth of you surroundings--
It's a gift to you.

That person laying beside you...
He, too, is a gift.
He is strong and fragile.
Remember this.

Now open your eyes.
Do you see color? Gift.
Can you make out images? Gift.
Is there anything of beauty in your view? Gift.

Sit on the side of your bed.
Are your muscles and bones working with coordination? Gift.
Are you breathing with ease? Gift.
Is the air unpoluted? Gift.
Can you bear your own weight without pain? Gift.

As you enter the bathroom...
Is there clean water at your disposal? Gift.
Is there plumbing, sewage, hot and cold water? Gift.
What about that lovely smelling soap? Gift.
The ability to eliminate the wastes from your body? Huge gift!

Teeth that can chew without pain?
Food in the refrigerator?
Electricity to brew your coffee?
Coffee beans from another land?
Bible to read?
Computer to use?
Car for work?
Opportunities to be courageous?
Opportunities to be creative?
Opportunities to be gracious?

Gift, gift, gift, gift, gift!

Gifts for you to enjoy.
Gifts for your comfort.
Gifts to challenge and grow you.
Gifts for your employ and stewardship.
Gifts to stir within you the gift of generosity.

Enjoy your gifts.
I chose them just for you.
Some will last a long time.
Some will break and not be replaceable.

But for today,
they are your gifts
from me.

Because I love to give my children
Good gifts.

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