"We must trust, though we seem alone, there are others walking with us."

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Day 28: The eye closer

Today's reading: Genesis 46-47

"Joseph's own hand will close your eyes." Genesis 46:4

Recently, I took care of my mother as she lived the last days of her life. It was a huge comfort for her to have me at her side. There is great comfort, even today, knowing I was with and caring for my mother as she went from this side of life into God's unveiled presence.

For, you see, it was my hand which closed the eyes of my mother when she died.

We can only imagine the agony Jacob felt when he heard his beloved son had been lost, perhaps to the jaws of a vicious animal. Every day he probably played over and over in his mind the possibilities and cruelties his son faced in what he thought were his son's final minutes.

Can we imagine the ecstasy Jacob experienced as he heard Joseph was not dead, but alive! After years of grief and trying to accept a tragic death, to suddenly hear of the true reality of his son's presence in Egypt must have threatened Jacob with a heart attack brought on by extreme excitement and joy.

Chapters 46 and 47 heal the final breach of trust for the family of Israel. A father's dashed hope is suddenly rekindled, an exodus from famine into prosperity occurs and Jacob hears from God an amazing promise. "Your son Joseph will be with you at your deathbed."

From the story of Job we learned God is our Creator, Judge and Redeemer.

From the story of Jacob and Joseph we learn God is our Protector, Trail Blazer and Restorer.

I am resting today as I trust God to sort through all the twists, knots and turns in my life.

I am resting today as I trust God to carry me to the end, working for my good and restoration.

I am resting today.

For I know, no matter who is at my bedside when I die---even if no one is there---I am resting today, knowing God's hand opened my eyes at birth and God's hand will close mine at death.

Thank you, dear Eye Closer, for your restoring and comforting plan for my life.

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