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Friday, January 15, 2010

15th Day Poem: An inheritance indeed!

Daughters of Job,
You are named above your brothers
And are the lone heiresses of scripture;
A denouncing slur
To the exalted men and sons before you,
A liberating hope
For the unnamed women who follow you.
"God sees me." [1]
An inheritance indeed!

In your trinity,
We find the wisdom of your father;
A man who has seen the best of times
And the worst.
A man who has lived under God's control
And has been privy to God's counsel.
A naming that creates reality.
"I am a heir of the kingdom." [2]
An inheritance indeed!

"Day by Day,"
Your name, Jemimah,
Declares the secret to life.
Don't run ahead.
Don't regret the past.
Do not worry.
Live in the moment.
"'Today' enter into God's shabat." [3]
An inheritance indeed!

Your name declares
The priceless, sweet smelling spice of holiness
Which when mixed with the myrrh of suffering
Produces the frankincense of worship.
The sacrifice of praise.
Sackcloth is replaced with anointing oil of rejoicing;
"You have turned my mourning into dancing." [4]
An inheritance indeed!

And Keren-happuch,
"Horn of antimony"
An abundance of the metal of co-joining support.
The LORD truly does strengthen the weak mettle;
Provides a shield against the flaming darts
Of one who would destoy us.
"The LORD is my strength and my song.
I trust him with all my heart!" [5]
An inheritance indeed!

And in all the land
There are none so beautiful and fair
So yaphah as you
Whose names and countenance
Declare the abundance
And grace of God given to your father.
The LORD is my God;
"We will serve the LORD." [6]
An inheritance indeed!

[1] Genesis 16:13
[2] Romans 8:17
[3] Romans 4:7-9
[4] Psalm 30:11
[5] Psalm 28:7
[6] Joshua 24:15

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