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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Day 60: Milk and Honey

Today's Reading: Numbers 14-15, Psalm 90

As a young girl, my mother would make a homemade drink for us with fresh eggs, milk, sugar and vanilla. She would combine the ingredients and put them in the blender. It was a delicious concoction. She said that besides being delicious, it was a powerful energy drink, full of protein and nutrition. I wondered how something that tasted so good could be so good for us.

God promised the people of Israel a land flowing with milk and honey. In order for a flock of goats or cattle to produce milk, there needs to be good grazing land and quiet meadows. Cattle wandering in barren dessert would not be as likely to produce good milk as those who have verdant fields.

Honey produced by bees is dependent upon a fruitful flowering climate. Honey also takes a long time to produce; it is not a by product of hasty living.

A land of milk and honey is more than just a place of delight, it is a place of rest and abundance borne from the fruitfulness of a lush land. This was the place God promised the people they would settle one day.

But as the spies check out the land, the milk and honey promise is curdled and comes with it the sting of fear. Giants inhabit the land.

Fear is a huge detriment in one's spiritual walk. No matter if one is in the dessert and is afraid of starving to death or if one is in the land of milk and honey and now faces giants of a different sort, fear paralyzes God's people.

God has promised one thing: fruitfulness.

Fear takes hold and bars the door to the promise.

Fear curdles the milk in the stomach.

Fear sees the bees and misses the honey.

Only two of the witnesses proclaim the joy of the LORD in the promised land. Joshua and Caleb remain faithful to the vision of God. All the rest fail and thus miss out on the joy of actualizing God's intended future.

What am I missing from God because of my fears?

Dear LORD, make me one who trusts your leading. May I never miss out on the sweet, wholesome drink you have for me.

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