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Friday, July 16, 2010

Day 196: Cavalry God

Today's Reading: Isaiah 13-17

When I was young, I used to watch Westerns on TV with my dad. A common scene was a battle scene when all seemed lost. Ammunitions and supplies were low. Those who could fight were dropping like flies. The war was about to be lost.

And then...in the far distance...you would hear the bugle of the cavalry.

Fresh troops riding on fresh steeds would enter the fray and in moments, the battle that was thought to be lost turns to victory.

Often we find ourselves at our wit's end. We've fought, we've used all our ammo, our emotional supplies are running low.

Isaiah encourages us today to raise our banner on a bare hilltop and shout! Send out the s-o-s! Declare "May Day!"

Isaiah declares God is just around the corner to fight the battle. The battle belongs to the LORD. You are to sit back and watch the LORD pull up on his fresh steed and turn all your losses into victories.

Is it no wonder then, that in the final days, when Christ returns, there will be a trumpet, a bugle of the heavenly cavalry. Then the Prince of Calvary will pull up with all the heavenly hosts on his great white steed and take care of our final enemy, Death, once and for all.

Hallelujah! Come, LORD Jesus, quickly come!

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