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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Day 191: You're "It"

Today's Reading: Amos 1-5

In the midst of a hot muggy summer, we are slogging through the kings and prophets whose stories seem like a broken record, whose monotonous stories lull us into some heavy duty "dog days" where we just want to curl up and not read any more.

During seasons like this, I remember my children grabbing my hand and pulling me into the outdoors to play tag or better yet, hide and go seek. Of course, before I was even out the door, I was labeled the infamous "It."

While I counted to 10 or 100 depending upon how well hidden they wanted to be or how long I wanted to search, they giggled with delight, prancing off to known "best hides."

Today's reading tells us three times in chapter 5, "Seek!" Seek the Lord. Seek good. Seek the Lord. And in the seeking we are going to find life.

God puts us in the position of "It" and giggles while hiding in sometimes places that are just too hidden. We sometimes decide the call to "seek" is too rigorous, especially on heavy duty "dog days" and walk away from the game before God's hidden wonders are found.

But God grabs our hands and says, "Com' On! Get in the game. Let's have an adventure...and you're It!"

The paradox, though, is this. When we seek God and when we find God, then God proclaims, "You're It!" You're the one to stand up. You're the one to jump in. You're the one to make a difference. You're the one who will change the world. You're the one I'm calling.

You're It.

We don't get to trade places with God and hide.

We never get a turn of hiding from God.

And the better we get at the seeking, the more we get to seek.

We always are It.

It's a funny twist on an old game.

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