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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Day: 42: The Building Committee

Today's Reading: Exodus 36-38

We have a building committee at our church.

Let me start by saying, I'm glad they are the ones making the plans and the decisions. All the details of land, location, sewage, electricity, zoning and code would drive me crazy. The building design alone seems daunting, not to mention the fund raising.

The people of Israel had it made, as far as I'm concerned. They were wandering around in a wilderness where no one was arguing over land. They had direct instruction from God on the design of the tabernacle and all its accessories. God had already given ability and a willingness to some key people. And the best part was this; when Moses asked for gold, silver, etc., it came pouring in at such a rate, they had to tell people,

"Enough already! We have plenty. Take your offerings back!"

But maybe, I need to put this miraculous story in context. After all, Moses, the leader, did spend forty days and forty nights in the presence of the LORD. While Moses was on the mountain, Joshua spent time just a distance away, waiting upon Moses. And the people waited in anticipation too. There sure was a lot of praying going on.

Now, at my church, we certainly have the skilled and willing people on the building committee. They have and are laboring long and hard. They "get" all the rules and regulations; they understand blueprints and utilities, [at least better than I!]

Land and location have been an issue, and maybe that is because we are building a stationery building, not a collapsible tent. Ever since the political system changed from "wandering Arameans" to "we want a king," we have changed our theology from "we'll go where God is going" to "we want God to come where we are."

That flips a lot of things.

And then there's the money.

I truly believe, the God given resources are there. But, as my friend who does the treasury work for our church says, "The issue is that the money is still in some people's pockets."

So, what is my part in all of this?

No matter whether God is building a tabernacle, a temple, a church or the Kingdom, I best be taking some time to listen to where God is leading, pay attention to the design God is intending and join in the means by which God will bring it all to fruition.

In other words, not my plans, but God's.

Not my methods, but God's.

Not my design, but God's.

Not my timing, but God's.

Not my worry, or anxiety, or stress.

For I must truly believe, God will call forth

"every skilled person to whom the LORD has given skill and ability to know how to carry out all the work of constructing the sanctuary."

And, if it is done willingly according to all the LORD has commanded, the sanctuary will truly be a blessing.

I think I'm going to expect with hopeful joy that the resources will be so plentiful, people would need to be told,

"Too much, too much! We have more than we need."

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