"We must trust, though we seem alone, there are others walking with us."

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

34th Day Poem: An Israelite...and Peter

I have My armor belted on,
I'm ready for the fight;
I've girded up My loins of strength
I'll battle with My might.

What? Now you choose a longer road
One on the desert way?
But, LORD, it is much harder!
And desolate the day.

I will not change my mind, LORD.
I'll fight for you, I will!
Though others soon forsake you
I'll stand, defend you still!

Wait, what is this I'm hearing?
An army, chariot strong.
Now I begin to wonder
Is God's directive wrong?

Just send me back to Egypt,
I've now just changed my mind.
I'm terrified and crying out
LORD, you have been unkind!

Were there no graves in Egypt?
What have you done to me?
I'd rather serve the Pharaoh
Than die in Desert's sea!

'Don't be afraid, Stand firm, and pray!'
The cloudy pillar moves
'The LORD will now deliver you!
Be still; all doubt remove.'

And now the charge: 'Move on ahead
And I will guard your back.'
A sea ahead, chariots behind
We're fenced in! LORD, the facts!

'The glory will be only mine;
You're call is to observe.
MY mighty hand will make a way
By utterance of MY Word.'

An angel of the LORD I see
With mighty, fiery sword
Is holding back my enemies.
I'm trusting you, O LORD.

With water's chaos to my left
A great wall on my right,
I step in faith upon dry land
To walk the Way of Light.

I reach the banks of Promised Land
And turn to see the sight.
My frightful enemies of past
Are drowned by God's own might.

Lend me a tambourine, my friend,
The dance calls out my name.
I sing the praise of Adonai!
I shout aloud God's fame!

For you did not employ My strength
To execute your will
A single breath from nostrils flared
And all my worries, stilled.

'There is no one like Adonai!'
A mighty crowd now thunders.
Unfailing love will ever lead through
Awesome, holy wonders.

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