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Saturday, February 6, 2010

A 37th day poem

I heard a bellowing today
An ox was in a pit
My pit

The ox was a fine specimen
A good stud perhaps

As I gazed into the pit
I noticed its brand--
Not mine

My blood began to boil
As the brand proclaimed
My enemy

How quickly I remember
The evil deed done to me
By my foe

Here is my chance
To get my revenge

I hear the bellowing
Of my own soul in the pit
My stomach

The vengence is a perfect plan
A fruitful seed of evil for my enemy

I could leave it there
To become an instrument of suffering
For my foe

I ponder what to do
I have power to continue
The feud

The maliciousness tastes sweet
My mouth is salivating
The kill

Another bellowing is heard
The cry of the Spirit
My code

"Would you join the ox
In the pit,
My child?"

"Your plan would enslave you
In a place of walls and darkness
With no water."

"Better to dig this ox out
Better to dig this bitterness out
And let it go."

I call my enemy
"Your ox is in my pit.
I'll help."

Perhaps we both can dig it out
Perhaps we can work to save it

And after the ox is safe
I have more digging to do
Bitterness' root

After I help you with your ox
Would you help me

My soul is in your pit
It is bellowing
Help me set it free.

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